Last Published:  07/31/19 10:05:30 AM (Central)
Responsible Element: Human Factors and Behavioral Performance (HFBP)
Status: Open

Present State
Past and current ISS spaceflight missions of up to 6-months, show that ISS crew members have largely met mission objectives. However, future missions will involve far greater crew autonomy, isolation and up to five times the current mission duration which will demand much more from the individual crewmembers. Mission success will be dependent upon individual resilience of crewmembers and crew cohesion. To date, several studies have shown that individuals who demonstrate superior performance and higher levels of coping under conditions of isolation and confinement share certain characteristics that differentiate them from those who do not. Superior performance has consistently been linked to a personality profile characterized by a combination of high levels of positive instrumentality and expressivity along with lower levels of interpersonal aggressiveness and neuroticism. A complete understanding of the individual predictors for
successful adaptation and performance in an isolated, confined and extreme environment is necessary in order to determine which measures to utilize in selection. Behavioral measures that will most effectively select individuals with the characteristics necessary that predict successful adaptation and performances in isolated, confined and extreme environments, especially during long duration missions need to be identified.


The results from tasks will determine the most effective selection measures for exploration class missions BHP will solicit studies to identify and experimentally validate behavioral measures for selecting resilient individuals for exploration class missions.

Target for Closure

(1) Identified set of individual characteristics predicting successful adaptation and performance on future exploration missions.

(2) Identified set of measures for selection of individuals on these characteristics.

(3) Verified and validated set of measures in ground-based analogs with astronaut-like subjects.

Risk Risk of Adverse Cognitive or Behavioral Conditions and Psychiatric Disorders
You are here! Gap CBS-BMed5: We need to identify and validate measures that can be used for the selection of individuals that are highly resilient to the key behavioral health and performance threats during autonomous, long duration and/or long distance exploration missions.

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