Last Published:  07/31/19 10:05:30 AM (Central)
Responsible Element: Human Health Countermeasures (HHC)
Status: Open

Initial State:   At the urging of the 2009 SRP (multiple panels, immune and others) a reorienting of HRP research towards interdisciplinary studies was engaged.  This was to prevent a mosaic aspect to the research that would not characterize important multi system effects.  Examples include the effect of altered nutrition or increased radiation exposure on immune dysregulation.  Since 2009, several interdisciplinary pilot studies have been performed, including the Nutrition-Immune study investigating the effect of a high iron diet and space radiation on physiology, and the Toxicology Lunar Dust study that examined the effect of lunar dust inhalation on systemic and localized inflammation.  This Gap shall remain as a mechanism to allow engagement of secondary physiology aspects to HRP research studies, which was the intent of the SRP.



Intermediate Steps/Metrics:
  Difficult to assign metrics, but will incrementally progress to closure as interdisciplinary studies are completed, and inter-system interactions and influences are understood.  Progress will be assessed every 24 months to determine if interdisciplinary progress has been made.  Studies will advance towards completion, however identification of new critical synergies may indicate more progress is required.


The following steps will be performed on a biannual basis until end of ISS.

  1. ID all studies on human physiology with relevance to immune risk or intersystem interactions.
  2. Review and analyze data from studies for impact on immune system.
  3. ID any critical synergies that  require  research (could be opening a new gap)
  4. Perform interdisciplinary research as identified in step 3.
  5. Update evidence regarding  effect of changes to any aspect of physiological system on immune risk.


This paradigm will continue until the completed lifespan of ISS, resulting in incremental progress annually, as is warranted based on the evolving interdisciplinary nature of spaceflight effects on human physiology.



  Encourage interdisciplinary aspects to directed and solicited HRP research.

Target for Closure
Closure is an end point where the full interdisciplinary interactions for various physiological systems altered during spaceflight are understood.


Risk Risk of Adverse Health Event Due to Altered Immune Response
You are here! Gap IM8: We do not know the influence, direct, or synergistic, on the immune system of other physiological changes associated with spaceflight.

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