Last Published:  03/26/21 03:33:57 PM (Central)
Responsible Element: Human Health Countermeasures (HHC)
Status: Open

Initial State of Gap: There has been little effort to relate nutritional status with cardiovascular data to data.  The scientific literature are replete with evidence of the interrelated nature of nutrition and the cardiovascular system.  Analysis of early spaceflight medical data has documented a clear link between energy intake, plasma volume, and cardiovascular performance after landing. Additionally, several ongoing studies will to clarify specific aspects of this relationship.  At some point, if possible, a retrospective analysis of ISS nutrition and cardiovascular data would be valuable as well.         

Interim steps: 

      1. Track detailed dietary intake and nutritional status assessment data and relate to cardiovascular health  (at the discretion  of the Cardiovascular Discipline). Identify any significant elements of diet or nutritional status, above and beyond macro and micro requirements from N3.1 and 3.2, that impact cardiovascular health for follow up in existing or new gaps. 
      2. Steps 1 and 2 will be repeated yearly.  This gap will progress to completion at the end of ISS.
Approach: Retrospective Nutrition SMO data analysis will continue to provide insight, along with review of scientific literature.  The Integrated Nutrition Countermeasure study is also planned to provide more detailed dietary intake data, which will be critical for this gap.  Other studies that will provide data to address the interim steps include Integrated Fluid Volume study, which will provide information regarding fluid balance, cardiovascular function, and vision-related issues.  The Cardio Ox Study will provide information regarding the relationship of antioxidant status, oxidative stressors and cardiovascular health.
Target for Closure
Determine which aspects of dietary intake, if any, significantly impact cardiovascular health during long-duration space flight. 
Risk Risk of Performance Decrement and Crew Illness Due to Inadequate Food and Nutrition
You are here! Gap N7.2: We need to identify the most important nutritional factors for cardiovascular health.

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