Gap SM-204: Develop and test post-planetary-landing self-administered testing and rehab tool.
Last Published:  07/29/22 01:33:20 PM (Central)
Responsible Element: Human Health Countermeasures (HHC)
Status: Open
Following landings, ISS crewmembers spend a significant amount of time in a supervised reconditioning program that utilizes exercises that challenge multisensory integration with an increasing level of difficulty customized to the individual’s state of recovery. Exercises are performed under the supervision of a reconditioning specialist that guides the level of task difficulty each day according to the level of balance recovery. Required medical tests of dynamic balance and agility, as well as muscle strength and aerobic fitness provide a means to assess postflight recovery. These metrics are useful to provide an evidence base to evaluate the effectiveness of different countermeasures since they are not dependent on subjective scoring methods.

Research approach: Develop and validate self-administered vestibular and sensorimotor assessment and rehabilitation tools that can be used autonomously without the supervision of a reconditioning specialist. Developing a means to unobtrusively monitor head and body movement will provide guidance on how the level of reconditioning exercises needed. Solutions for implementing rehabilitation using self-administered tools or telemedicine in clinical practice should be evaluated for application to post-landing scenario. Hold a workshop/TIM with internal and external experts to identify and develop the battery of tests, hardware, and software for this task.
Target for Closure
Using ISS as a post-planetary-landing, verify a set of self-administered countermeasures to mitigate motion sickness and enhance functional recovery. Characterize how these prevention or treatments reduce the risk of injury or enable crewmembers to perform critical operational tasks, e.g., using sensorimotor spaceflight standard measure, relative to the outcomes using standard supervised reconditioning program.
Risk Risk of Altered Sensorimotor/Vestibular Function Impacting Critical Mission Tasks
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