Last Published:  07/29/22 01:33:20 PM (Central)
Responsible Element: Exploration Medical Capability (ExMC)
Status: Open

State of Knowledge: Traditionally, medical system requirements have been codified at late phases of the systems engineering lifecycle, which has limited the scope and integration of medical capabilities into spacecraft designs. In order for future exploration programs to mitigate and reduce medical risk, medical capabilities and functions must be translated into engineering language for inclusion early into mission plans and vehicle designs. All recommended exploration medical system requirements need to be identified using the best available evidence and incorporated into a medical system model that can be integrated with other spacecraft system models.


Identification and decomposition of capabilities into medical system functional requirements
Derive necessary additional requirements that enable system utility (e.g. medical data architecture, medical workstation).
Identify how components of the system are going to interact with each other, with the human, and with the vehicle.
Use testing and evaluation processes to demonstrate that the system functions in an coherent fashion
Codify all relevant information into system models

Target for Closure
1.Concept of Operations and exploration medical system models for future exploration missions including:
a) Long-duration lunar orbital and surface missions
b) Future Mars missions
Risk Risk of Adverse Health Outcomes and Decrements in Performance Due to Medical Conditions that occur in Mission, as well as Long Term Health Outcomes Due to Mission Exposures
You are here! Gap Medical-501: We need to develop integrated exploration medical system models for the Moon and Mars.

Multi-Disciplinary Research Plans

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