Last Published:  04/20/22 11:43:20 AM (Central)
Responsible Element: Human Factors and Behavioral Performance (HFBP)
Status: Open

Human Systems Integration (HSI) ensures human capabilities and limitations are effectively considered in system design and development (e.g. software interfaces), so that the human and the system cooperate, coordinate, and communicate effectively (Vos, 2019). The integration of human capabilities and limitations relative to the system yield human-system specific concepts of performance; ‘performance’ in the context of HSI therefore refers to a human performance outcome relative to the system, not just human individual performance.

There is currently a lack of key HSI performance indicators, and subsequent measures and metrics, to evaluate operational task performance relative to key aspects of the system, such as the vehicle, computer interfaces, mission timelines, and training protocols. The usability and consistency of system designs is critical to maintain acceptable human performance given the increased autonomy that will be required with reduced ground support expected during long duration missions. To identify system design issues and to ensure adequate standards and guidelines as well as countermeasure support for future missions, relevant outcomes, measures and metrics, need to be evaluated.


The approach for addressing this gap will include working with stakeholders to define an exploration mission framework for the risk; leveraging existing and upcoming analog and flight research to characterize system related performance outcomes, given demands of spaceflight environment; testing and validation of measures and establishment of standard measures; and associated operational performance metrics. 

Target for Closure
Validated objective measures, methods, tools, and metrics necessary to quantify human-system integration performance across the human-automation integration research domains of human-computer design, automation/robotic performance, procedure development, training, and reported in appropriate publications, standards (e.g. NASA STD3001, HIDH), stakeholder panels, and/or risk Evidence Reports.
  1. Key indicators/outcomes relative to HSI (initial HSIA standards, refined HSIA standards);
  2. HSI Standard measures (Initial HSIA measures, refined HSIA measures);
  3. Operational performance metrics (initial HSIA metrics, refined HSIA metrics)
Risk Risk of Adverse Outcomes Due to Inadequate Human Systems Integration Architecture
You are here! Gap HSIA-101: We need to identify the Human Systems Integration (HSI) – relevant crew health and performance outcomes, measures, and metrics, needed to characterize and mitigate risk, for future exploration missions.

Multi-Disciplinary Research Plans

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