Last Published:  03/26/21 03:33:57 PM (Central)
Responsible Element: Space Radiation (SR)
Status: Open

Due to the known association of radiation exposure with increased cancer risk in humans, exposure to space radiation is considered the primary contributor to increases in cancer morbidity and mortality risk. Current and past cancer research has focused on understanding the risk of carcinogenesis due to exposure to space radiation alone. Other spaceflight factors (altered gravity, altered circadian rhythms, changes in immune status, nutritional status, stress, etc.) may modify the carcinogenic risk from space radiation. Research studies across NASA and those performed on the International Space Station provide important data on factors that can modify cellular and animal responses in the spaceflight environment. However, the contribution of these changes to long-term health risks in humans has not been reported. Therefore, research on the combined effects of spaceflight stressors is needed to understand the contribution and role of combined spaceflight stressors in modifying long-term health outcomes in astronauts. Controlled experimental biological models for exposure to combined spaceflight stressors may need to be developed to support research given the inherent limitations of space research and testing in humans. identified surrogate cancer endpoints and shared biology with other degenerative diseases A model suite is required to account for the combined effects of space radiation plus other spaceflight stressors.

Data mining of both animal and human data related to chronic, late pathophysiological changes resulting from spaceflight stressors. Ground-based research using tissue-specific surrogate end-points identified in Gap-401 to assess whether secondary spaceflight factors in combination with radiation exposure modifies the risk of carcinogenesis and/or impacts shared biology with other degenerative diseases.

Target for Closure
  • Quantification of the impact of radiation and combined spaceflight stressors on the identified surrogate cancer endpoints identified in Cancer Gap-401.
Risk Risk of Radiation Carcinogenesis
You are here! Gap Cancer-101: Identify the combined effects of spaceflight stressors on identified surrogate cancer endpoints and shared biology with other degenerative diseases.

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