Last Published:  07/30/21 01:05:31 PM (Central)
Responsible Element: Human Health Countermeasures (HHC)
Status: Open
Present State Of Knowledge:
Future missions are unable to support the mass and volume requirement of the current food system. Meal replacements may reduce mass and volume of the food system, but also reduce choice and caloric intake, which may impact crew health and performance. The extent to which other potential solutions may also reduce choice and impact nutritional status, and therefore health and performance, need to be determined per defined mission profile to determine the feasibility of reducing mass and volume on exploration missions.
Research Approach:
Evaluation of mass and volume reduction options for prepackaged food (meal-replacement food bars, increased caloric density/fat content, packaging strategies, storage strategies), fresh crop growth, cell-biology-based foods, and in-situ food production/preparation considerations.
Target for Closure
Input to the trade-space modeling 
Risk Risk of Performance Decrement and Crew Illness Due to Inadequate Food and Nutrition
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