Short Title: OI Last Published:  11/23/20 11:55:09 AM (Central)
Element: Human Health Countermeasures (HHC)
Evidence:  Report
Risk Master Logic Diagram:  Not Available
Point of Contact:  Stuart Lee
HRP Risk Status: Inactive [no current ongoing research]
Inactive Rationale
Research on this risk is being phased out since mature mitigation solutions exist (fluid loading, compression garments) and are being transitioned to operations. The only current research on this risk is opportunistic work; no targeted solicitations will be released.
Inactive Documentation:
No Inactive Documentation Available
Risk Ratings and Dispositions per Design Reference Mission (DRM) Category
DRM CategoriesMission
OperationsLong-Term Health
LxCRisk Disposition *LxCRisk Disposition *
Low Earth Orbit6 months3x1Accepted2x1Accepted
1 year3x1Accepted2x1Accepted
Deep Space Sortie1 month3x1Accepted2x1Accepted
Lunar Visit/
1 year3x1Accepted2x1Accepted
Deep Space
1 year3x1Accepted2x1Accepted
Planetary3 years3x2Accepted/Optimize3x1Accepted
Note: LxC is the likelihood and consequence rating. The information above was last approved by the Human System Risk Board in 10/2016.
Risk Statement
Given that there is cardiovascular adaptation during exposure to the spaceflight environment (including micro-gravity), there is a possibility that crewmembers will suffer from orthostatic intolerance upon re-exposure to gravity.
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