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(NEEMO Nut ROI) Oxidative Damage During a 12-day Saturation Dive
(ZAG/Otolith) Ambiguous Tilt and Translation Motion Cues After Spaceflight/ Otolith Assessment During Postflight Re-adaptation (Wood)
2015 NSCOR#1 Individual Sensitivity
2016 Degen NSCOR: CVD and Late CNS
2016 NRA CNS-Late I Grant Based Research
2017 Chronic Study I (Cancer: Quality and Dose Rate)
2017 NSCOR #1 - Acute CNS Synergistic effects; Late CNS assessment I
2019 NSCOR #1 Topic: Cancer Countermeasures& Biomarkers
2019 NSCOR: Integrated Systems Biology - Risk Modeling using Biomarker approaches for Individualized Risk Assessment
2020 Chronic Study II - Late Degen CVD and Late CNS Risk II
2020 NSCOR#1: Acute CNS Risk Modeling
2021 NSCOR Individual Sensitivity
2021 NSCOR#1 Degen CVD Biomarker Validation Countermeasure Identification (low dose rate exposures)
2024 NSCOR #1/Chronic Study III: Cancer Biomarkers and Countermeasures (mixed field study)
2024 NSCOR #2: Acute CNS-Risk Modeling and CM Validation
2025 NSCOR #1 CNS Late III Risk Modeling
2025 NSCOR#2 Late CNS and CVD Biomarker and Countermeasure Validation
2025 NSCOR: Integrated Systems Biology - Cross Risk Modeling using Biomarker approaches for Individualized Risk Assessment
2nd Generation Suit Trauma Countermeasure Garment prototype development and testing
3D Tissue Analogs for the Study of Varicella-Zoster Virulence and Infectivity
3D Tissue Models for Study of Intercellular Signaling Stimulated by High Energy Particles
8.2/6.0/4.3 psia Comparison
A Comprehensive Fatigue Management Program and an Evaluation of a Photic Countermeasure for Mission Controllers
A data mining project to identify cardiovascular related factors that may contribute to changes in visual acuity within the astronaut corps
A gene expression and histological approach to the study of cerebrospinal fluid production and outflow in rats [RODENT CSF/ZANELLO/ACTIVE]
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