Task 2017 Chronic Study I (Cancer: Quality and Dose Rate)
Last Published:  07/27/17 09:48:12 AM (Central)
Short Title: 2017 Chronic Study SR
Responsible HRP Element: Space Radiation
Collaborating Org(s):
Funding Status: Planned-Funded - Task expected to be within budget
Procurement Mechanism(s):
Aim 1 (Cancer): Obtain Evidence using mixed field chronic GCR simulation that supports improvement in accuracy of dose and dose-rate effectiveness factor (DDREF) estimates and information on whether risk is linear or additive over mixed high and low LET.
Aim 2 (Cancer): Determine tissue specific mixed field RBE values for tumorigenesis and other cancer endpoints for major at risk tissues.

Aim 3 (Cancer): Integrated omics evaluation of HZE cancer processes leading to cancer development.

Aim 4 (Cancer): Perform molecular characterization of tumors for major at risk tissues.

Aim 5 (Cancer): Perform preliminary countermeasure evaluation using potential common cancer pathway targets. (e.g. inflammation)

Cancer Focused: Tissue Specific RBE for major at risk tissues & dose rate effects (Life Span Study)
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