Task NSCOR #2: Integrated Systems Biology - Cross Risk Modeling using Biomarker approaches for Individualized Risk Assessment
Last Published:  07/27/17 09:48:12 AM (Central)
Short Title: Systems Biology- Cross Risk
Responsible HRP Element: Space Radiation
Collaborating Org(s):
Funding Status: Planned-Unfunded - Task not within current budget
Procurement Mechanism(s):
Aim 1: Develop computational framework across common tissue processes for multiple radiation induced disease endpoints.

Aim 2: Develop multi-scale models supporting risk prediction of radiation induced diseases from exposure to a low dose-rate, mixed field space radiation environment.
Aim 3: Develop predictive models designed to elucidate impact of individual sensitivity.
Aim 4: Develop methodologies incorporating biomarker approaches enabling personal risk assessment and health monitoring for early disease detection and prevention.
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