Task Interactive Space Vehicle Design Tool with Virtual Reality (Completed)
Last Published:  04/20/22 11:43:24 AM (Central)
Short Title: Vehicle Design with VR
Responsible HRP Element: Human Factors and Behavioral Performance
Collaborating Org(s):
Funding Status: Completed - Task completed and produced a deliverable
Procurement Mechanism(s):
Optimal space vehicle design is critical to maximize crew operational efficiency, comfort, and equipment storage. Traditionally, designers and engineers have utilized physical mock-ups early in their design process for task performance and layout evaluation, but high-fidelity mock ups can be costly and time consuming to produce and reconfigure. Therefore, many design decisions have been set in place by the time a high-fidelity mock-up is created, thus diminishing its usefulness. Engineering drawings allow early assessment of vehicle design, but do not allow experimental evaluation with a physical presence of people interacting with the system. Recent advancements in technology have enabled the use of digital designs to ‘virtually’ evaluate habitats in ways not possible with physical mock-ups, for example to explore the vehicle from a simulated microgravity perspective while in 1G. Due to the rapid advancement of technology, practical application of how these capabilities can best be used in the vehicle design process to minimize the potential for costly design errors is still evolving.

Aim 1:
• Characterize, evaluate and contrast a spectrum of reality design tools

Aim 2:
• Evaluate specific design tools or paradigms in which the design tools are used,

Integration: This task may also address several other risks of potential HRP customers such as HHC and ExMC.