Task Validation of Multisystem Countermeasures Protocol for Spaceflight during Antarctica Winterover @ Palmer Station
Last Published:  07/30/21 01:05:34 PM (Central)
Short Title: Immune CM Validation – Palmer
Responsible HRP Element: Human Health Countermeasures
Collaborating Org(s):
Funding Status: Active - Currently funded and in progress
Procurement Mechanism(s):
1. To determine if the complete immune countermeasure protocol developed for spaceflight ameliorates the effect of coastal Antarctica winterover, as a relevant ground-analog for deep space missions, on salivary stress hormones, salivary cytokine profiles, and the incidence of latent herpesvirus reactivation and shedding.

2. To determine if the complete immune countermeasure protocol mitigates the perturbations to the immune system caused by an Antarctic winter-over mission. Specifically, we will determine if the countermeasure prevents fluctuations in phenotype frequency and depression in cellular function (T, NK, B, monocytes, dendritic). The concentrations of a variety of other factors associated with immunity, including relevant nutritional analytes, markers of oxidative damage, and inflammation, will also be monitored.