Task Lunar Manual Control CM to HMTA
Last Published:  07/29/22 01:33:24 PM (Central)
Short Title: Lunar Manual Control CM to HMTA
Responsible HRP Element: Human Health Countermeasures
Collaborating Org(s):
Funding Status: Planned-Funded - Task expected to be within budget
Procurement Mechanism(s):

The maturation task will:

(1) recommend in-mission sensorimotor countermeasures relevant to manual control, crew egress and EVAs during planned lunar DRMs;  
(2) recommend sensorimotor countermeasures for preflight training and post-flight reconditioning; and 
(3) present the findings at boards to transition to appropriate operations stakeholders, as required. 


Detailed Information
This maturation task will leverage results from the ground-based countermeasure studies that are focused on manual control, crew egress and EVAs. The manual control countermeasures will be constrained to have minimal vehicle design impacts and include recommendations for enhanced displays, sensory orientation aids, just-in-time training and/or manual takeover procedures. The crew egress and EVA countermeasures will focus on sensorimotor conditioning during the mission, motion sickness countermeasures during and following g-transitions, and interventions designed to enhance sensorimotor performance during planetary EVAs. Recommendations for countermeasures for pre-flight training and post-flight reconditioning to return to baseline performance level will also be included.

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