Last Published:  03/26/21 03:33:57 PM (Central)
Responsible Element: Human Health Countermeasures (HHC)
Status: Open

Initial state of gap

A food system that is safe, nutritious, and acceptable is not available for all DRMs due to shelf life and delivery limitations.  Many possible strategies to increase the prepackaged food system shelf life or provide a bioregenerative food system during long duration missions have not been fully analyzed. The length of shelf life that can be expected for a prepackaged food system, given different mitigation approaches, is unknown.  Methods to deliver food in a pressurized suit are not available. Gaps 1 and 3 must close to fully inform this gap with requirements and enable final analyses of mitigation strategies.


Target for gap closure

Database with types of possible food systems and operational limits.


Interim Steps

  1. Determine methodology to produce a prepackaged food system with a shelf life to meet DRM requirements.
  2. Confirm the prepackaged food system shelf life and resource use (mass, volume, power, crew time) under specified conditions.
  3. Determine methodology and requirements to safely process and prepare nutritious and acceptable food from a bioregenerative system on a surface mission.
  4. Confirm the bioregenerative food system processes and resource use, including crew time requirements.
  5. Quantify changes in functionality of stored bulk ingredients over time in spaceflight.
  6. Determine requirements for minimum ingredient functionality.
  7. Determine methodology to provide health enhancing foods.
  8. Determine methodology to feed crewmembers in pressurized suits.


Research Approach

  • Data mining.
  • Tech watch.
  • Process/methodology development.
  • Technology development.
  • Collaboration with commercial entities.
  • Collaboration with DoD and other government agencies.
  • Collaboration with other elements.

Target for Closure
No Target for Closure available.
Risk Risk of Performance Decrement and Crew Illness Due to Inadequate Food and Nutrition
You are here! Gap Food-03: We need to identify the methods, technologies, and requirements that will deliver a food system that provides adequate safety, nutrition, and acceptability for proposed long-duration Design Reference Mission operations. (Previous title: AFT4)

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