Last Published:  07/31/19 10:05:30 AM (Central)
Responsible Element: Human Factors and Behavioral Performance (HFBP)
Status: Open

Present state of gap

In order to identify system design issues, human-system task performance needs to be monitored both during development and during operations. Space Human Factors and Habitability currently does not have a set of standard measures for operational task performance, nor is there a description of the operational data collection methods and tools for task performance.

Interim steps for getting to the target

  • Identify candidate unobtrusive measures and criteria through literature review for a ground-based baseline for operational task performance based on available mission-specific factors, and risk contributing factors. Quantify the ground-based baseline against which spaceflight outcomes will be compared.

  • Identify through data acquisition and data mining related to current operational measures and task performance levels during missions.

  • Determine operational measures that provide information on relevant aspects of task performance.

  • Validate task performance measures and assess ground-based vs. flight performance differences to determine acceptable criteria.

  • Develop and deliver standards and guidelines to Agency stakeholders/NASA documents (e.g., NASA-STD-3001, HIDH) on the set of unobtrusive operational task performance measures and acceptability criteria.

Research approach

  • Identify unobtrusive measures of operational task performance, including workload, and situation awareness.

  • Gather ground-based unobtrusive operational measures and task performance data based on relevant spaceflight factors.

  • Mine spaceflight data and related operational task measures and task performance.

  • Implement systematic and consistent data acquisition with identified operational task measures.

  • Validate unobtrusive measures of task performance in analogs and flight environment.

Target for Closure
  • Documentation of a set of operational task performance methods, measures, and acceptability criteria in the form of standards and guidelines in Agency documents (e.g., NASA-STD-3001, HIDH)

Risk Risk of Inadequate Mission, Process and Task Design
You are here! Gap MPTASK-01: We need methods and tools to collect measures of missions, process, and task performance. (Previous title: SHFE-TASK-01)

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