Last Published:  07/31/19 10:05:30 AM (Central)
Responsible Element: Space Radiation (SR)
Status: Open

Initial State of Gap:

Biomedical countermeasure and biomarkers for CNS risks on which to index countermeasure efficacy are unknown. Countermeasures are identified as biomedical to describe both biological and medical interventions, inclusive of exercise and conditioning, as well as dietary including nutritional supplements. This terminology is used to distinguish between physical or mission countermeasures such as shielding, time in solar cycle, or mission duration (e.g. transit times, surface stays).



Biomedical countermeasure and biomarker research for CNS risks is a lower priority in the near-term research strategy until the nature and magnitude of the CNS risk is more firmly established. It is expected that the mechanistic understanding acquired from near-term research will set the course for effective countermeasures approaches through establishment of appropriate indexed biomarkers and model systems for use in selection and validation of candidate BCM in the future as needed.

Interim Steps:

  • Identify relevant mechanisms and  biomarker (indexed metrics) panels to monitor therapeutic efficacy for acute CNS effects (SPE; SPE+GCR)
  • Identify and validate candidate countermeasure for adverse acute CNS outcomes
  • Identify relevant mechanisms and biomarker (indexed metrics) panel to monitor therapeutic efficacy for late CNS effects (SPE; SPE+GCR)
  • Identify and validate candidate countermeasure for adverse late CNS outcomes  


Target for Closure
  • Identification of indexed metrics to monitor therapeutic efficacy for acute and late CNS effects due to space radiation exposure (SPE; SPE+GCR).
  • Identification and validation of candidate countermeasures modulating adverse outcome pathways.
Risk Risk of Adverse Cognitive or Behavioral Conditions and Psychiatric Disorders
Risk Risk of Acute (In-flight) and Late Central Nervous System Effects from Radiation Exposure
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