Last Published:  07/31/19 10:05:30 AM (Central)
Responsible Element: Exploration Medical Capability (ExMC)
Status: Open

1) Initial State:
Current spaceflight operations are based on low Earth orbit in a vehicle that enables real-time ground based support and an expedited return to a higher level of medical care if needed.  Future exploration missions will require greater autonomy, especially in the context of healthcare.  This gap identifies the need to adapt the current low earth orbit perspective of practicing medicine to the exploration context.  Fundamental to this gap is defining what capabilities are needed so that the medical resources (e.g. equipment, databases, etc.) are integrated into the overall vehicle subsystem.

2) Approach:
Projects will be conducted to explore avenues that will:
    1. Determine what requirements define an exploration medical system.
    2. Determine how the required level of medical care (NASA-STD-3001, 2007) can be implemented for each Design Reference Mission (DRM).
    3. Determine how an exploration medical system can inform medical decision making.
    4. Define what parameters should be monitored for exploration missions.
    5. Define what conditions and level of care for conditions will be explicitly selected for ConOps planning.
    6. Determine what crosscutting medical technology should be baselined for exploration missions.
    7. Determine what recommendations should be made to the Space and Clinical Operations Division (SD) regarding medical capabilities and content needs.

Target for Closure
An operational concept for medical care during exploration missions that identifies the requirements to guide development in the ExMC divisions of Information Resources and Technology Development for each Design Reference Mission (DRM).  In order to complete each DRM-specific operational concept document, the following will be completed for each DRM: stakeholders will be identified, narratives of medical scenarios will be generated, a table of medical capabilities will be developed, and CSAs will be generated.  This gap can close when every operational concept document is accepted by the stakeholders for each DRM.
Risk Risk of Adverse Health Outcomes & Decrements in Performance due to Inflight Medical Conditions
You are here! Gap Med01: We do not have a concept of operations for medical care during exploration missions.

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