Last Published:  04/20/22 11:43:20 AM (Central)
Responsible Element: Human Health Countermeasures (HHC)
Status: Open
While limited, ground-based analogs have been able to replicate some of the postural and locomotive deficits that are observed following spaceflight. For example, exposure to head down bedrest and dry immersion result in body coordination and postural stability control (e.g., tandem walk, seat egress and walk, recovery from fall/stand). Other analogs, such as sustained 3Gx centrifugation, simulate the vestibular contributions to postural and locomotive deficits. Countermeasures that mitigate these post-bedrest or post-centrifugation decrements will provide evidence for further testing inflight.

Research approach: Develop and validate countermeasures that mitigate postural and locomotion decrements to enable crewmembers to perform critical mission tasks. Head-down bed rest model will be used to test countermeasures and mitigation effects of unloading-induced sensorimotor disturbances following spaceflight. Other analogs (dry immersion, parabolic flight, 3Gx centrifugation) should be leveraged where possible depending on the nature of the countermeasure under evaluation. A variety of countermeasures should be explored, such as preflight and inflight training exercises, post-flight rehabilitation, and mechanical devices such as dynamic foot stimulation and load suits.
Target for Closure
Provide and verify a set of countermeasures to mitigate postural and locomotion decrements following G-transitions. Characterize how these prevention or treatments reduce the risk of injury or enable crewmembers to perform critical operational tasks, e.g., emergency crew egress. Results/deliverables: Ground validated postural and locomotion countermeasures.
Risk Risk of Altered Sensorimotor/Vestibular Function Impacting Critical Mission Tasks
You are here! Gap SM-201: Develop and test postural control and locomotion countermeasures, including human factors aids.

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