Last Published:  07/29/22 01:33:20 PM (Central)
Responsible Element: Human Health Countermeasures (HHC)
Status: Open
Recent field test research has demonstrated that there is a high incidence of motion sickness following long-duration spaceflight. The severity of motion sickness has limited the tasks attempted by some crewmembers. Based on this evidence, the current pharmaceutical therapies are not effective to maintain critical crew performance. It is also unknown the extent to which current preflight and inflight exercise regimen mitigates sensorimotor deconditioning. While the decrements are greatest during or following G-transitions, countermeasures will be more important with longer duration flights.

Research approach: Develop and validate an integrated countermeasure system that can address both landing and egress performance decrements, and integrate that with the exploration exercise protocols to create an interdisciplinary countermeasure suite. The suite will include a broad array of approaches ranging from balance training, sensory augmentation, and pharmaceuticals that can be implemented in self-administered assessment and rehabilitation tools. Following concurrent studies to independently validate candidate countermeasures, a TIM will be conducted to down select optimal suite of countermeasures. The integrated suite will be validated during ISS followed by Gateway and Lunar mission. 
Target for Closure
Provide and verify an integrated countermeasure suite to resulting in mitigation of in- and post-spaceflight vestibular and sensorimotor dysfunction such that crewmembers meet the Fitness-for-Duty Sensorimotor Standards as defined in the NASA Space Flight Human System Standard Volume 1: Crew Health during all phases of the mission. Characterize how these prevention or treatments reduce the risk of injury or enable crewmembers to perform critical operational tasks. Results/deliverables: Flight demo completed in preparation for full in-flight validation
Risk Risk of Altered Sensorimotor/Vestibular Function Impacting Critical Mission Tasks
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