Gap Renal-101: We do not have the capability to mitigate renal stones in spaceflight.
Last Published:  07/29/22 01:33:20 PM (Central)
Responsible Element: Exploration Medical Capability (ExMC)
Status: Open
State of Knowledge: Renal stone mitigation may present unique challenges due to the spaceflight environment, resource limitations, or mission operational concepts. This gap provides a pathway for the incorporation of information and technology relevant to reducing the likelihood and/or consequence of renal stones in spaceflight.


Reducing the likelihood is focused on:

Demonstrating in-space monitoring capabilities, outlining necessary training, developing medical system requirements, and providing examples of representative technology solutions (e.g. Autonomous Medical Officer Support software technology demonstration)

Incorporating renal stone computational models into trade space analysis tools for the purpose of developing integrated exploration medical system models

Considering of known or novel pharmaceutical countermeasures for inclusion in exploration candidate formulary (please refer to pharm risk for more information)


Reducing the consequence is focused on:

Defining conservative renal stone management capabilities, outlining necessary training, and incorporating capabilities into exploration medical system models

Completing the in-process “renal stone management technology development and clinical validation study”

Target for Closure
No new work – closeout in one year
Risk Risk of Renal Stone Formation
You are here! Gap Renal-101: We do not have the capability to mitigate renal stones in spaceflight.

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