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(NEEMO Nut ROI) Oxidative Damage During a 12-day Saturation Dive
(ZAG/Otolith) Ambiguous Tilt and Translation Motion Cues After Spaceflight/ Otolith Assessment During Postflight Re-adaptation (Wood)
2020 Cross-Species Rodent ISS Study: CVD/late CNS Clinical Model #1 (chronic study)
3D Tissue Analogs for the Study of Varicella-Zoster Virulence and Infectivity
3D Tissue Models for Study of Intercellular Signaling Stimulated by High Energy Particles
A Comprehensive Fatigue Management Program and an Evaluation of a Photic Countermeasure for Mission Controllers
A data mining project to identify cardiovascular related factors that may contribute to changes in visual acuity within the astronaut corps
A determination of bioactive proteins secreted by the human vasculature in response to low dose space radiation
A gene expression and histological approach to the study of cerebrospinal fluid production and outflow in rats (Zanello)
A Low Intensity Mechanical Countermeasure to Prohibit Osteoporosis in Astronauts During Long-Term Spaceflight
A mechanistic investigation of space radiation-induced carcinogenesis - NNX12AB88G
A Metabolomics and Mouse Models Approach to Study Inflammatory and Immune Responses to Radiation
A Model of Circadian Disruption in the Space Environment
A Multi-faceted Approach to Examine Team Adaptation & Resilience within Isolated, Confined, and Extreme Environments
A Multi-Media, Computer-Based, Self-Directed, Autonomous, Stress and Anxiety-Management Countermeasure
A Multipurpose Fruit and Vegetable Processing System for Advanced Life Support
A New Harness For Use with Exercise Countermeasures-Validation of Improved Comfort and Loading with the Center for Space Medicine (CSM) Harness
A Non-intrusive Ocular Monitoring Framework to Model Ocular Structure and Functional Changes due to Long-term Spaceflight (Tavakkoli)
A non-pharmacological countermeasure suite for motion sickness induced by post-flight water landings (T. Clark)
A Novel Biodosimetry Method
A Novel Biological Countermeasure and Mitigator of High LET-Induced Cancer Progression
A Quantitative Test of On-Orbit Exercise Countermeasures for Bone Demineralization Using a Bed Rest Analog
A role for homologous recombination in complex DSB repair after HZE particles
A Scanning Confocal Acoustic Diagnostic System for Non-Invasively Assessing Bone Quality
A Scheduling and Planning Tool in NEEMO 14 – A Simulated Space Environment
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