Task Exploration Medical System Demonstration (Completed)
Last Published:  04/20/22 11:43:24 AM (Central)
Short Title: Exploration Medical System
Responsible HRP Element: Exploration Medical Capability
Collaborating Org(s):
Funding Status: Completed - Task completed and produced a deliverable
Procurement Mechanism(s):
  1. To develop an integrated medical system with a common data management framework and architecture for three medical events that can be used to automate data collection, management, and communications tasks and that allows for scalability, extensibility, and interoperability of data sources and data users
  2. To reduce the time required by crew and ground personnel to access, transfer, and manipulate medical data
  3. To provide access to medical data via an intuitive solution to aid in the treatment of a medical condition
  4. To demonstrate the Exploration Medical System technology in a ground environment (HERA or other ground analog)


Integration/Unique Aspects:

The following components integrate with the Exploration Medical System:

  1. Middleware for EMSD
  2. Biosensors for EMSD (Gap 4.19)
  3. Exploration Dental Capabilities for EMSD
  4. Electronic Medical Records
  5. Distributed System for Spaceflight Biomedical Support
  6. Assisted Medical Procedures (Gap 4.01)
  7. Medical Consumables Tracking (Gap 4.14)