Task Evaluation of a sclerostin antibody in mice as a novel promoter of bone formation during spaceflight (Completed)
Last Published:  07/29/22 01:33:24 PM (Central)
Short Title: Sclerostin Mice
Responsible HRP Element: Human Health Countermeasures
Collaborating Org(s):
National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI)
Funding Status: Completed - Task completed and produced a deliverable
Procurement Mechanism(s):

Aim 1: Determine the ability of SclAbII to inhibit diminished bone mass, mechanical properties, and microarchitecture due to microgravity exposure in 9-week old female C57BL/6 mice.


Aim 2: Using these same outcome measures, characterize the effects of microgravity on bone and muscle in mice treated only with the placebo.

Aim 3: Compare skeletal outcomes from mice treated with SclAbII (STS-135), myostatin inhibitor (STS-118), and osteoprotegerin (STS-108).

Aim 4: Facilitate STS-135 tissue collection for investigators in NASA’s biospecimen sharing program.

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