Task NEXGEN Approaches to Chromatid Painting (Completed)
Last Published:  03/26/21 03:34:00 PM (Central)
Short Title: NEXGEN Chromatid (KromaTiD Next Gen)
Responsible HRP Element: Space Radiation
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Funding Status: Completed - Task completed and produced a deliverable
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There is every reason to believe that large and small scale chromosomal intra-changes (inversions) are just as important as inter-changes between chromosomes, e.g., translocations, the latter of which are well known to cause cancer. And yet, inversions, especially small ones, have been historically difficult, if not impossible to detect. Recently, KromaTiD Inc., using SBIR funding from NASA, successfully demonstrated a new platform technology to detect small chromosomal inversions using directional oligonucleotide probes called chromatid painting. Here, we propose to develop the next generation of whole chromatid paints using a much faster, more cost effective approach. If successful, this will facilitate the rapid development of additional chromatid paints, with the goal of ultimately covering the entire genome. These next generation chromatid paints will be of even higher resolution than currently possible, so they will greatly expand potential biodosimetric applications.
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