Task Standardized Behavioral Measures for Detecting Behavioral Health Risks during Exploration Missions
Last Published:  07/31/19 10:05:33 AM (Central)
Short Title: Behavioral Core Measures
Responsible HRP Element: Human Factors and Behavioral Performance
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Funding Status: Active - Currently funded and in progress
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The overarching goal of this project is to build on a successful record of unobtrusive, software-based measurement of behavioral health indicators (e.g., mood, cognitive function, physical and mental fatigue, sleep quality) to develop an integrated standardized suite of behavioral health measurement tools (SBMT) that would be quite feasible to implement within the constraints of spaceflight research, ground-based analogs (both short- and long-duration), and prolonged missions in isolated, confined, extreme environments lasting up to 12 months or longer.

The suite of behavioral medicine measures in development for standardized use in ground analogs relevant to the spaceflight context. The Standardized Behavioral Measures Tool or SBMT will include (a) the Cognition battery, (b) Visual Analog Scales (VAS) of perceived mental and physical exhaustion, fatigue, stress, workload, conflict and sleep quality, (c) actigraphy for monitoring sleep/wake activity, (d) an audio journal, (e) the Space Dock task as an operational performance measure, and (f) additional non-invasive measures relevant to behavioral medicine informed by a comprehensive literature review. The SBMT will be evaluated for its including the task of taking the information on measurement feasibility, flexibility and acceptability during post-mission assessments in the participants studied in HERA, and ISS.