Task Cyber Partners: Harnessing Group Dynamics to Boost Motivation for More Efficient Exercise (Completed)
Last Published:  07/31/19 10:05:33 AM (Central)
Short Title: Exercise Compliance and Motivation
Responsible HRP Element: Human Factors and Behavioral Performance
Collaborating Org(s):
Human Health Countermeasures (HHC) Element
National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI)
Funding Status: Completed - Task completed and produced a deliverable
Procurement Mechanism(s):

The specific aims of the project are to:

(1) Develop software to create software-generated (SG) exercise partners and interface with exercise equipment similar to what is available on the International Space Station (i.e., cycle ergometer) (CRL-4).  An aerobic stationary cycle exergame that integrates the SG exercise partner will also be developed as part of in this effort.  SG partner features will be tested with an astronaut focus group.

(2) Test various design features of the SG partner within designed exercise games to determine the most effective features for enhancing motivation to exercise, enjoyment, confidence, and connectedness (CRL-5).  Test subjects will be analogous to current astronauts in terms of fitness levels.

(3) Test whether exercising with an SG partner over 24-week time period, compared to exercising alone, leads to better aerobic capacity and muscle strength, adherence to the exercise regimen, and enhanced enjoyment in the activity, self-efficacy, and sense of social connectedness (CRL-6).  Test subjects will be analogous to current astronauts in terms of fitness levels.

This NSBRI NRA is a collaborative study with implications for both BHP and HHC. It is collaborative in that it relates physical exercise for maintaining musculoskeletal health in spaceflight to the exercise experience and how to motivate individuals to be compliant with exercise regimens.

This task also informs the Sensorimotr discipline area: SM 28