Task Induction of Hepatocellular Carcinoma by Space Radiation: A Systems Biology Study of Causative Mechanisms (Completed)
Last Published:  04/20/22 11:43:24 AM (Central)
Short Title: Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Responsible HRP Element: Space Radiation
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Funding Status: Completed - Task completed and produced a deliverable
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Aim 1. Determine the microenvironmental changes in hepatic lipids by MALDI-IMS after HZE-irradiation

Aim 2
. Determine transcriptional changes in the hepatic microenvironment of

HZE- and gamma-irradiated samples, compared to controls.

Aim 3
. Determine comprehensive ultra high-resolution lipidomic alterations as well as high-resolution targeted proteomic microenvironment changes in hepatic tissue of HZE- and 137Cs gamma ray-irradiated animals as well as non-irradiated controls.

Aim 4.
Correlate large ‘omic datasets to construct biological pathways that elucidate molecular mechanisms of HCC carcinogenesis induced by HZE irradiation.

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