Last Published:  07/31/19 10:05:33 AM (Central)
Short Title: HFBP Standard Measures in HERA for Mars
Responsible HRP Element: Human Factors and Behavioral Performance
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Funding Status: Planned-Funded - Task expected to be within budget
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This will allow HRP to establish, evaluate, and manage a common set of measures for use in spaceflight and analog research to: develop baselines, systematically characterize risk likelihood and consequences, and assess effectiveness of countermeasures that work for human factors and behavioral performance risk factors. This task will provide “standard measures” as the foundation to achieve consistent research measures for data-sharing in HERA and to meet the highly constrained, operationally-focused data gathering and analysis that allows for greater consistency in the research methods that are very specific to NASA HRP standard measures development. Additionally, the set of HFBP standardized measures in the HERA analog reflects the more operational nature of the measures while allowing the multiple and frequent internal and external collaborations required to execute this study.

This study aims to:
1. Provide a set of HFBP standard measurements for investigators to use in proposed projects.
2. Enable comparison of multiple missions across spaceflight analog campaigns to quantify risk using reliable metric-based data.
3. Provide database for data-mining and integrative modeling and increase research data quality and transfer to LSDA.

This task will contribute to gap closure by facilitating tasks using the HERA analog in the BMed, Sleep, and Team risk areas and by testing measures and monitoring tools for Surface Operations.
RiskRisk of Adverse Cognitive or Behavioral Conditions and Psychiatric Disorders
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RiskRisk of Performance and Behavioral Health Decrements Due to Inadequate Cooperation, Coordination, Communication, and Psychosocial Adaptation within a Team
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RiskRisk of Performance Decrements and Adverse Health Outcomes Resulting from Sleep Loss, Circadian Desynchronization, and Work Overload
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