Task HCAAM: Conversation analysis to measure and manage trust in virtual assistants
Last Published:  07/31/19 10:05:33 AM (Central)
Short Title: Conversation Trust Analysis
Responsible HRP Element: Human Factors and Behavioral Performance
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Funding Status: Active - Currently funded and in progress
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This task is part of the Human Capabilities Assessments for Autonomous Missions (HCAAM) Virtual NASA Specialized Center of Research (VNSCOR) deliverable.

  • Aim 1: Develop real-time conversational indicators of trust.
    • TOCA aid (Total Organic Carbon Analyze)—As a prototypical virtual assistant
    • Develop conversational indicators of trust from the AMO TOCA study data
    • Develop and validate TOCA as a microworld testbed
  •  Aim 2: Assess robustness of real-time conversational indicators of trust under long duration mission stresses.
    • Data collected in a manner that mirrors the experiment from Aim 1 that used the TOCA microworld
  •  Aim 3: Develop and evaluate conversational affordances for managing trust. Similar to Aim 1, this evaluation will be a ground-based study using participants from University of Wisconsin-Madison and NASA JSC who will work with an intelligent virtual agent in the TOCA microworld.
    • Validation in the HERA environment
    • Develop principles and guidelines for trust measurement and calibration