Task Pilot Co2 and hypoxia spaceflight relevant microorganisms
Last Published:  03/26/21 03:34:00 PM (Central)
Short Title: Pilot Co2 and hypoxia
Responsible HRP Element: Human Health Countermeasures
Collaborating Org(s):
Funding Status: Planned-Funded - Task expected to be within budget
Procurement Mechanism(s):
  1. Evaluate effects of the environments that mimic what crew members will be exposed to in deep space exploration missions including elevated CO2 and decreased O2 in traditional microbial monocultures and polymicrobial consortiums.
  2. Evaluate effects of the elevated CO2/decreased O2 in ground-based analog culture systems, that mimic aspects of the microgravity environment, to evaluate potential alterations in microbial concentration, diversity, or pathogenic/virulence responses that could impact crew health.