Task Immune Function Changes During a Spaceflight-analog 12-day Undersea Mission (NEEMO IIH ROI) (Completed)
Last Published:  11/23/20 11:55:12 AM (Central)
Short Title: NEEMO Immune ROI
Responsible HRP Element: Human Health Countermeasures
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Funding Status: Completed - Task completed and produced a deliverable
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  1. This study measures immune functional changes, physiological stress, viral reactivation and viral specific immunity during the NEEMO mission.  NEEMO represents a good analog for some aspects of  short-duration spaceflight on immunity.  This study will provide data to compare this ground-based spaceflight-analog to actual flight data.  If immune dysregulation is observed in the NEEMO crews that is similar to that observed in flight crews during/following spaceflight, this analog will be validated for some aspects of spaceflight-associated immune dysregulation.  This analog will not supersede the program goal to validate a ground analog for long-duration spaceflight and immunity.
Study Summary
The NEEMO IV Immune study was a directed study to evaluate the validity of the NEEMO environment as an analogue to spaceflight.  The data from this study (n=6) was combined with data from previous missions to give a total subject number of 16.  The study was designed to perform similar sample collection and processing as the current in-flight Integrated Immune investigation, including measures of cell-mediated/adaptive immunity and viral reactivations.  The results indicated similar trends in immune dysregulation as seen inflight such as alterations in T cell subsets and functioning, increase in viral reactivation, increase in inflammatory markers, and increased granulocyte activation.  These similarities indicate that the NEEMO mission is potentially a good analogue for spaceflight.  Unfortunately, the investigative team believes that they need samples earlier than 6 days prior to the mission to validate the analogue because mission related stress may influence the results.  The PI suggests pre-mission samples be obtained earlier and that longer duration NEEMO missions be established so that the similarities with long-duration spaceflight can be explored.

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