Task Effects of Retronasal Smelling, Variety, and Choice on Appetite and Satiety
Last Published:  07/30/21 01:05:34 PM (Central)
Short Title: Appetite in Space
Responsible HRP Element: Space Human Factors and Habitability
Collaborating Org(s):
Funding Status: Terminated - A formerly active task that was stopped before its completion date due to deselection, descoping, reorganization etc.
Procurement Mechanism(s):
  1. To establish the relationship between nasal patency and smelling in microgravity and isolation/confinement (deep space habitat).
  2. To determine the effect of orthonasal and retronasal smelling on appetite if under menu fatigue.
  3. To determine if crew-prepared foods mitigates menu fatigue and improves crew satisfaction.
  4. To provide ESM cost comparison of crew-prepared and prepackaged food systems.
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