Task Facilitating the Synergistic Side of Cultural Diversity in LDSE: Identification of Challenges and Development of Cultural Training
Last Published:  07/31/19 10:05:33 AM (Central)
Short Title: Cultural Diversity in LDSE
Responsible HRP Element: Human Factors and Behavioral Performance
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Funding Status: Active - Currently funded and in progress
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The primary aims in this effort are:

  1. Focus on examining the critical issues surrounding cultural diversity in LDSE teams. The primary focus for this aim is to build off the work of Burke and Feitosa (2015) to produce a more contextualized framework within which to understand the challenges present in LDSE with respect to cultural diversity and team performance.
  2. Focus on the development of an integrated set of cross-cultural training tools that can be delivered at various mission phases in LDSE. Work in this are focuses on examining:
    1. What training strategies, countermeasures, and best practices from the wider literature on cross-cultural teams can be leveraged and adapted for use in LDSE?
    2. What are best practices for developing cultural training to facilitate working within a culturally diverse crew in LDSE with respect to the stage of team development and mission lifecycle?
    3. How can work on cultural differences in team metaphors be integrated with other best practices to inform the development of cultural training?